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Learning sax should be fun!

Yes, learning the saxophone, like any skill, can be challenging, but it is extremely rewarding! The best part of learning any instrument is being able to play your favorite songs and sharing your joy of music with others. 6MS gets you playing pop music right out of the gate while teaching you all the essentials you will need to be a phenomenal musician! 

Here is what you will learn


The whole reason why we pick up an instrument is to play music! 6MS' teaches you everything you need to know to become a proficient saxophonist through the use of pop songs. This will allow you to grow your skills and repertoire at the same time.

Technical Facility

Technique refers to ones ability to execute with precision  and dexterity on the horn; this includes articulations. The Woodshed  series gives you a growing bank of technique building exercises to help you develop fluidity on your horn. 

Sound & Intonation

These are the first things listeners hear when you play your horn making them very important subjects. We spend a great deal of time working on this; don't worry, you're in good hands!


We will be exploring chord theory , chord progressions and how to add your own flare to the music.  Improvisation is best learned in steps and we make it easy and accessible.


Music theory explains how and why things work in the world of theory.  We will be tackling subjects such as scales, the music alphabet, harmonics, voice leading and so much more. The best part about music theory is that you can apply what you learn immediately.

Aural Training

How do we play what we hear in our heads? Relative pitch is one of the key s to great improvisation and playing music by ear.  We will give you the tools to bring the creativity in your head out onto your sax!
Our team

Who We Are

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field. With our every growing international roster students will receive an a diverse approach to learning the saxophone.
Kevin Cato
Wedding Entertainer, international performer, booking agent

Stephane Mercier
Former professor of saxophone - Brussels Conservatory, international performer

Maartin Van Huysmans
Instructor - Conservatory of Leuven, saxophonist & EDM producer

Here is some of what you get with your subscription:

Our library and roster of instructors is always growing. There will always be new, fun courses for you to explore!
Saxophone lessons have never been easier.

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The Music Vault

Explore our ever growing catalogue of free music and transcriptions for the saxophone. Never be bored learning the saxophone again!.
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Laying The Foundation

Take the guess work out of learning the saxophone. The 6 month sax program is a drip-style on going course that takes you from putting the saxophone together all the way to professional level saxophonist by using pop tunes!


6MS will teach you the saxophone essentials in 6 months and help you become a well-rounded saxophonist in a fun and engaging way overtime

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 Our 6MS program gives students the skills and knowledge they need to achieve the unit goal. This means that everything you learn will always be relevant and you will be rapidly improving with each video.

A Direct Path to Success

Our 6MS program gives students the skills and knowledge they need to achieve the unit goal. This means that everything you learn will always be relevant and you will be rapidly improving with each video.

Additional Resources

Our on-going course starts from the basics, such as horn setup and how to produce a note. It then proceeds to teach you scales and other music essentials through the use of fun pop tunes.

Learn Sax Anywhere, Anytime!

6MS allows you to practice from the comfort of your home, on vacation, in the morning or in the dead of night from any device! Learn at your leisure for a fraction of the cost of tradition saxophone lessons.

Online Workshops

Learn from the best of the best! 6MS features a series of professional saxophonists from around the globe quarterly. This will give you unique insights on learning the saxophone that will accelerate you progress!

Free Sheet Music

Looking for new songs to learn? We've got you covered! Our music vault adds new saxophone sheet music  weekly so you will never be bored with your repertoire!

Private Online Lessons 

At 6MS we believe our video series is second to none and covers everything you will need to know to be an excellent saxophonist. But if you are really struggling with a concept and need that personal 1 on 1 session, we are here for you! Schedule an online sax lesson with any teacher on the platform.

Student Testamonials

What our learners say about us

 "The program is easy to use and easily tailors to all levels and styles of learning. It instills confidence in my playing and I would not have gotten as far as I have without it."
- Phil marino
Kevin is an excellent teacher. He gives in-depth information to make sure that I understand different jazz concepts. He is really generous with his time and gives advice and listens to recordings all throughout the week when asked. He is really passionate about music and teaching and overall great to learn from. I’d highly recommend him as a teacher.
- christopher moser-purdy
I can't recommend this course enough. Anybody who is looking to get started, to know the basics of how to play the saxophone, this is the right course for you. So enjoy and have fun playing sax!
- Kate Jackson

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