Technique Builders

The Woodshed

Looking to take your saxophone playing to the next level? Then you've come to the right place. The woodshed contains a collection of scale and melodic patterns in all keys that are designed to improve your technique in all ranges of the horn. 

How Does It Work?

Woodshed contains supplementary pdfs that will help students gain more proficiency on their horn.
The documents are organized by the technical aspect on which they work on.

Each document is named after the scale pattern it works on, but utilizes the number system instead of note letter names. This will make it easier for students to internalize the concepts and apply them to different keys and situations.

How To Use This Section

It is recommended that students pick one scale pattern that address an area of weakness on the horn focus on it for 1 -2  weeks before moving on to another pattern. During period students should explore the follow:

  • Different tempos. Start at 60 bpm and gradually increase the tempo to challenge your dexterity; always use a metronome.
  • Different articulations
  • Different dynamics
  • Memorizing the pattern
  • Different rhythms (e.g. triplets)
  • Applying the patterns in improvised situations. Do not use them verbatim, but explore the key concept behind the pattern and use this to expand your creativity.

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