Improve Your Sax Playing in Less Than 30 Minutes

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For most beginners it is challenging to sound like their favorite saxophonists. We can help you make your goal a reality and it all starts with the next 30 minutes.

What if I told you that it is actually easier than you may think? You can achieve great results from the comfort of your home, regardless of age.

What if I told you can make huge changes to your saxophone skills in just 17 minutes? It all comes down to the system and the goals you set. Here at 6 month sax we pride ourselves in helping aspiring saxophonists achieve their goals as fast as possible.

Improve your tone, speed, and playing just by following the strategies in our beginner course. 

Student Testamonials

What our learners say about us

 "The program is easy to use and easily tailors to all levels and styles of learning. It instills confidence in my playing and I would not have gotten as far as I have without it."
- Phil marino
Kevin is an excellent teacher. He gives in-depth information to make sure that I understand different jazz concepts. He is really generous with his time and gives advice and listens to recordings all throughout the week when asked. He is really passionate about music and teaching and overall great to learn from. I’d highly recommend him as a teacher.
- christopher moser-purdy
I can't recommend this course enough. Anybody who is looking to get started, to know the basics of how to play the saxophone, this is the right course for you. So enjoy and have fun playing sax!
- Kate Jackson

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